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Marram grass grows in the sensitive and beautiful, yet harsh coastal environment where oceans meet our dunes and beaches. It creates interlocking connections deep into the ground to protect, strengthen and sustain our shores. In times of transition and change there is a strong need for people to come together to have meaningful and in-depth conversations about their organizations and communities.  Marram Consulting engages with a variety of groups, organizations and businesses to navigate challenging spaces to create paths of innovation and discovery.  

We acknowledge the experience and expertise we need to move forward together.  Often the wisdom we need is already 'in the room'.  Marram Consulting uses effective facilitation to understand what we need to let go of, what we need to preserve and what we need to embrace to create a sustainable future.

We understand the importance of common values . Marram Consulting uses methods to design, plan and implement projects, planning processes, public engagements and conversations that matter for the greater good of organizations, group or community. We help clients and their stakeholders find common ground to create meaningful and long lasting change.

We value evidence and the power of information.  At Marram Consulting we embrace tested planning processes, such as the population health approach to building healthy communities.  We work with clients to ensure that we can provide the most recent and up to date research, as well as discover the information needed, to help make good decisions.

We believe in building capacity for change.  Marram Consulting will deliver appropriate training and capacity building for your team.  We work with our clients to make projects work, not just for today, but for long after we step away.  



JAIME SMITH is a planner and facilitator. Prior to establishing Marram Consulting in 2013, she was a Member of the Canadian Institute of Planners, working with the New Brunswick Department of Environment, the Halifax Regional Municipality, and the New Brunswick Rural District Planning Commission. 

In 2008 Jaime explored the transferability of her planning skills and joined the Pictou County Health Authority as a community health planner.  This is where Jaime unearthed her love for healthy communities and a population health approach to community development. 

Jaime has a wealth of experience in community engagement and consultation, garnered through her work with various boards and groups such as the Committee for the Pictou County Wellness Centre, the Pictou County Health Authority Board of Directors, and the Aberdeen Health Foundation.  In 2015 Jaime was appointed by Minister Leo Glavine, Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness, as a Board Director for the Nova Scotia Health Authority.

Jaime is an active volunteer and engages in her local community. Since moving to Pictou County in 2008 with her husband and three boys, Jaime has been a leader in the Welcoming Communities Initiative, the New Glasgow Music Festival, and Pictou County 2020

Jaime has a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Environmental Studies, Geoscience and Biology, from Mount Allison University, and a Bachelor of Design Degree, Honours Environmental Planning, from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.  Jaime is an Art of Hosting practitioner, is a student of Worldview Intelligence (C) and is a member of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2).

KIM MARTIN joined Marram Consulting in February 2015 as research and program coordinator. Kim strengthens our work through her careful and detailed attention to client needs.  Kim brings a creative edge to our work with her thoughtful attention to room design and layout, website design and report development.

Kim is also an experienced photographer with focus on people and their environments. Kim's favourite models are her two young sons who live with her and her husband in rural Pictou County, Nova Scotia.

Kim brings experience in fundraising and community development projects, such as the annual Salvation Army's Red Kettle campaign. Kim also has extensive experience in administration, customer service and community engagement.  Kim has training in Worldview Intelligence (C) and is an Art of Hosting apprentice. 

We work with local businesses, suppliers and contractors where ever possible, including: 

We operate our business in a sustainable manner.  We value economic, social and environmental equity.

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